Dynamic is a secure exchange, where you can buy and sell BTC and ETH with your credit card in any currency, withdraw funds and buy cryptocurrency instantly.

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CEX.IO Bitcoin Exchange

Ether is a required element for operating the distributed platform called Ethereum. ETH is used as a form of payment by developers of apps built on Ethereum, as well as by users who are willing to access and interact with smart contracts. On CEX.IO, you can buy Ether for Bitcoin, for US Dollars or Euro. However, you can also load funds using credit card issued in your local currency and, eventually, buy ETH as well.

Buy Ether with Bitcoins

If you already possess Bitcoins, transfer cryptocoins to your BTC wallet in CEX.IO profile and buy Ethers right away. It is that simple! Be sure that your BTC and ETH are safe in our cryptocurrency cold storage. None of our users ever faced account funds theft, and we stay compliant with high security standards.

Buy ETH with Credit Card

If you want to buy ETH for USD or your local currency, then funding your account with credit or debit card is the easiest way. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and virtual cards, such as Neteller, NetSpend, Payoneer etc. Safety of your card information is guaranteed by PCI DSS certificate obtained by CEX.IO.

Buy Ether with Bank Transfer

Buying Ether with cash on your bank account is easy and advantageous, especially when it comes to large amounts. For faster and cheaper deposits in Euros, we recommend using SEPA. Consider upgrading your CEX.IO account to enjoy augmented payment opportunities, priority support, and custom conditions.

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